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Wakey wakey,

Well Ladies here it is, I think I’ve done something constructive with recently idol hands! Our Monthly Man Meet adventures goes Live hopefully you will all contribute to some healthy banter and dodgy pics for the site. If not you’ll have to put up with my sense of Humour or lack of it and my box brownie photos.

I’ll also endeavour to detail the up and coming events as Magneto Mike publishes them so you can add to your diary and forewarn your beloved you will be going AWOL regardless of threats.

Actually Mike can post up and coming events or whatever takes his fancy as another comms avenue to the group mails.  I’ve also created a calendar page where you can quickly view dates of events.

Mofo Jones

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2 comments on “A Blog Post
  1. admin says:

    OMG this is absolutely awesome just what the doctor ordered….. I’m joking remove this site before the women see it and realise how much fun we have!

  2. Monkey boy says:

    Just checked the map for the MMM canoe day in September…. it shows an area in Kansas. I ain’t canoeing that far.

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