*UPDATE* November MMM

Morning troops,

For those of you that skim through :
Tryfan cancelled..rescheduled for february…
For those that like a read:
Well…thanks to those who replied… I am guessing there were some assumed attendance yes’s but some people have gone a bit awol and quiet…

The overriding theme In the replies and definately in relation to my personal circumstances is one of money… so I have made an excutive decision and cancelled tryfan and north wales….as there were only three going…

Novembers MMM is taking place on December 1st 2013 at 0800 starting at(51.867924,-3.471682) The car park just past the Storey Arms (the grannypath thats the tourist path)….~We will then walk up Corn Du, Pen y fan and Cribyn…..That is weather permitting…there is snow on the peaks at the moment so bring kit and clothing with this in mind…

ITS FREE…except for petrol to get there and should only take half a day so some of you no’s may want to reconsider…

Magneto mike

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  1. admin says:

    **Date change MMM:November:2013 *Urgent Action Required*

    Okay sorry to mess you about I have messed up…MMM November is now 1st December 2013….My shift has been changed…sorry folks

    Please let me know if you can make the new date and venue.


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