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Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.

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*UPDATE* November MMM

Morning troops,

For those of you that skim through :
Tryfan cancelled..rescheduled for february…
For those that like a read:
Well…thanks to those who replied… I am guessing there were some assumed attendance yes’s but some people have gone a bit awol and quiet…

The overriding theme In the replies and definately in relation to my personal circumstances is one of money… so I have made an excutive decision and cancelled tryfan and north wales….as there were only three going…

Novembers MMM is taking place on December 1st 2013 at 0800 starting at(51.867924,-3.471682) The car park just past the Storey Arms (the grannypath thats the tourist path)….~We will then walk up Corn Du, Pen y fan and Cribyn…..That is weather permitting…there is snow on the peaks at the moment so bring kit and clothing with this in mind…

ITS FREE…except for petrol to get there and should only take half a day so some of you no’s may want to reconsider…

Magneto mike

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November MMM

Gentle men…

November is fast approaching and I am fully aware as much notice as possible is needed…

We plan to return as agreed to the mighty TRYFAN! Hopefully we wont get our scramble grades mixed up this time and take the right route…some scary stuff last time!

Okay 22/23/24th November are the dates – Friday night arrive at :

Gwern Gof Uchaf (Bunkhouse)
Capel Curig
North Wales
LL24 0EU
£10 per person per night…. (A brilliant setting and bunkhouse!)

Have some food (to be arranged but not as much as last time!!!) then Saturday morning:-
Breakfast and a slightly different route starting about a mile and 1/2 away from the bunkhouse and then do a horseshoe route taking in the two sisters and the summit of Tryfan..etc…the route ends at the bunkhouse.
That night we can float into Betws Y Coed again and some drinks and food….may even bump into the Tongan rugby team again!
Sunday the plan is hopefully to attend zip world the fastest and longest zipwire in europe:
http://www.zipworld.co.uk Prices start at £50 per person in the morning…
then drive home…
If the zipwire thing is cramming to much in or too much money that’s no probs just let me know (It will be a financial push for me if I am honest!)…
The bunkhouse may work out a little more if we require exclusive use…
Will let you know…I need by Sunday a list of who is coming….thats right please let me know if you are in or out by Tuesday……Fanks very much…

You’re my boy blue!

Magneto mike

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October MMM

Reviewed –  23/10/2013.

What a great day out, and in the words of our organiser “a cracking day to shoot sh*t “.

First and foremost getting there for some was a breeze for others it involved some unplanned green laneing  in a VW  van…..Mr Cooper would like to pass on his thanks to TomTom for no doubt navigating the shortest route!  I arrived outside a house some 200m short of my destination with no “Country Club” in sight alas a bit further on would have revealed what looked like a large house with cow shed attached but there it was. The boys from Cwm Country Club where friendly and hospitable and came bearing hot Coffee and Bacon baps a fantastic start for those who had set out at 06:30.

We walked a short distance to the “range” where other Boyo’s turned up bearing shotguns and ammo and we proceeded to shoot those little flying saucers called clay pigeon’s and believe  me it’s a challenge maybe a sawn off or a blunderbuss would be better next time although we all got better as the day progressed and where greeted more frequently with the clay’s disintegrating when you aims proper like, so after about 3 hours we were done and where treated to a beer,  chips and onion rings and cupcakes!… we were done, until the next time, it was excellent all round.

M F Jones

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September MMM

This is the mail Mike sent out on Monday Sept. 23rd which you all should have got but just in case you’ve not looked at your mail here it is again. Dj aka MF Jones or MoFo :-)

Gentle ones,

Septembers MMM is upon us! Here are the small details for the meet..

First of all can I say a big thank you to MF Jones for our new website….yes….Our MMM has a website to check in with dates for up and coming MMMs and to see photos from past meetings or just to add to the banter on the blog…check out

http://www.trigpoints.org it is brilliant!!

Okay so….

Saturday 28th September– Meet at Whitney on Wye Toll Bridge at 1200 (No Later or we will leave without you!).  We get minibussed back to the start of our Journey to the launch at Hay On wye.  We then Canoe the 5-6 Miles back to Whitney Toll Bridge. At about 1630 we exit the river and leave all canoes and kit at a pre arranged/agreed point.  Get in our cars and make our way to:

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Quote of the Day

Criminal: A person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation.

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A Blog Post

Wakey wakey,

Well Ladies here it is, I think I’ve done something constructive with recently idol hands! Our Monthly Man Meet adventures goes Live hopefully you will all contribute to some healthy banter and dodgy pics for the site. If not you’ll have to put up with my sense of Humour or lack of it and my box brownie photos.

I’ll also endeavour to detail the up and coming events as Magneto Mike publishes them so you can add to your diary and forewarn your beloved you will be going AWOL regardless of threats.

Actually Mike can post up and coming events or whatever takes his fancy as another comms avenue to the group mails.  I’ve also created a calendar page where you can quickly view dates of events.

Mofo Jones

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